Unlocking Weight Loss Success: 3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself

In the pursuit of achieving our weight loss goals, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves at a standstill, wondering why the scale refuses to budge. This blog post will help you with unlocking weight loss success by getting personal with your own needs and goals. 

If you’re in this situation, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Weight loss can be a complex journey, and sometimes, all it takes to reignite your progress is asking the right questions.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into three crucial questions you should be asking yourself if you’re not seeing the results you desire.

By addressing these key factors, you can unlock the secrets to breaking through plateaus and achieving the weight loss success you’ve been working hard for. Let’s get started on your path to a healthier, happier you.

You eat mostly healthy and exercise, but you’re not seeing results…

I bet you’re wondering… Why?! How?!

I’ve been there too, and it’s frustrating AF.

As we move towards perimenopause, things begin to shift in our bodies… hormones, insulin sensitivity, thyroid function, etc.

For many women, this often feels like they wake up and have gained weight practically overnight.
And the tactics that used to work for weight loss, simply don’t cut it anymore.
No matter what they try… cutting carbs, eliminating gluten, dairy, and sugar, running MORE miles, hitting 10,000 steps daily… they struggle to see RESULTS.

Even though they’re putting in the effort (eat less, exercise more), nothing is changing.
Unfortunately, this approach is outdated and, frankly, ass-backwards, especially for a woman 35+.

Unlocking Weight Loss Success: 3 Key Questions to Ask Yourself

1️⃣Are you tracking your food? If not, it’s really tough to know how much you’re consuming and make changes in order to lose weight. Guesstimating is NOT that same as using a food scale and accurately gathering data. Grab the Lean Macro Bundle!

2️⃣Are you regularly strength training? I’m talking about at least 3 workouts per week that focus on building lean muscle. If you’re heavily focused on cardio and breaking a sweat, it’s not going to change HOW your body looks, meaning cardio will not change the ratio of muscle to fat ratio on your body. Grab a strength training program

3️⃣Have you run recent blood work or other testing? Insulin resistance, low thyroid, gut issues, and hormone imbalance are common roadblocks for a lot of women. If you don’t have this information, you might continue to spin your wheels instead of taking a more targeted and personalized approach to what YOUR body needs in order to lose weight.

At CNC, we take a holistic and responsible approach to fat loss. No cookie cutter protocols, random macro targets, or short cuts here!

If this post sparked interest for you and you’re looking for customized support to help you reach your goal, please considering applying for our 1:1 coaching program!


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