Weekly Astrology Forecast, December 3-9, 2023

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As Venus enters Scorpio and Neptune goes direct in Pisces, we are reminded of our worth as individuals, each with a unique space to occupy in the world. Expect a week that’s filled with heightened intuition.

Venus Enters Scorpio

After lingering in the balanced air sign of Libra for almost a month, Venus begins a new season as she enters Scorpio on December 4, 2023, and remains there until December 29, 2023. When a planet shifts in the cosmos, something also shifts within us. Our inner Venus—the layers that are connected with beauty, love, harmony, romance, and connection—correspondingly shifts its frequency. As a result, we perceive differently, we find desire and attraction through different means, and we start to explore Scorpio from the Venusian spaces within ourselves.

A water sign, Scorpio plunges into the depths of who we are beyond what we show to others. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio is connected to our emotional depths and transformation. As Venus swims through the waters of Scorpio for these new few weeks, we are invited into our own underworld to explore our relationship with our sense of worth, value, attraction, magnetism, and inner depth.

Venus in Scorpio desires more. It desires what lies beyond the surface. It is magnetism and attraction, filled with desire and the focus and force to create desires. It desires this not only from itself but from others and from life. It is attracted to the depths and mysteries of self, others, of life. Within our connections with both ourselves and others—whether romantic, platonic, business, or something else—we invite depth and intimacy. The kind of intimacy that requires vulnerability, a stripping back of layers, and allowing ourselves to truly be seen, both by ourselves and another.

Neptune Direct in Pisces

For approximately seven months of each year, Neptune transits in its usual forward movement, bringing us access into what we could only call divine. Neptune is a doorway into dreamscape, art, oneness, potentials, and realities. It takes us into the wonderment of something sacred that seems to exist beyond, behind, underneath, or perhaps within all.

Ancient illustration of the planets in retrograde for our known solar system
Retrograde occurs when a planet in orbit overtakes Earth’s orbit and it appears to move backward. (Photo: mikroman6 | Getty )

For the other approximately five months of the year, Neptune stations retrograde. From our vantage here on Earth, it is during this time that it seems as if this far-away planet is moving backward, retracing its steps by wandering upon the path it’s recently travelled. Yet this time, its usual Neptunian veil is lifted and seems to hold with it clarity or reality in plain sight. We are offered a different perspective of the path just walked.

The forward and backward dance of Neptune represents our own process of movement, creation, dreaming, and building of life. When the retrograde comes to an end, Neptune will have retraced enough of its steps. Neptune has been retrograde since June 30, 2023. On December 6, 2023, it moves forward once again. The imaginative, intuitive, subtle, and abstract lens of Neptune returns to the way it perceives, understands, and collaborates with its path, bringing yet another vantage.

When Neptune is in forward motion, we are supported in dreaming and reaching into higher states of possibility, art form, intuition, and imagination. Neptune in its forward movement is when we find ourselves invited into a space where there are no boundaries and no separation. We are one with the flow of life just as much as we are one with our dreams and imaginations. It is here that the Self blends into the All, that we go beyond ourselves and energetically become our dreams and transition into our visions. Here we feel and know the sacred within ourselves. We swim within the currents of unmanifested frequency, creativity, and art.

Illustration of astrological symbol for Pisces, a water sign of the zodiac according to astrology
Another water sign with a strong influence this week is Pisces, which exerts its dreamy tendency to become lost in what could be with Neptune as it comes out of retrograde. Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

While Neptune is in retrograde, we are offered a sense of healthy separation. It is throughout this period of Neptune’s journey that we come back to the individual self with all that we gained from our time in the dreamscape that is retrograde and Pisces. We begin integrating our direct experience with the sacred into our self-identity. We begin clarifying how we can bring those dreams, imaginations, and unmanifested visions that we have been merging with into our tangible, felt, and realized reality.

This is what we have been doing for the past five months. As Neptune moves forward once again, we find ourselves ready to return into our whatever dreams are waiting to meet us, with imaginations and possibilities swimming through the currents of energetic possibility that desire us or that we desire. And we become ready to remember, with all of our being, that we are one with the divine.

Your Invitation

This week invites a reconnection with the unseen aspects of our reality, a peeling back of the layers of our emotional undercurrents, meeting depth within ourselves, within life, and within our chosen people.

Scorpio, Neptune, and Pisces are each focused on and attuned to the energetic—the frequency behind the words, the intangible—that seems to exist prior to anything tangible taking place. Venus represents beauty, love, and connection within our human experience, while Neptune represents the beauty, love, and connection that extends beyond, yet also permeates, our human experience. While Venus in Scorpio intuits through sharp emotional knowing and inner currents, Neptune in Pisces intuits through its direct doorway into the space where everything is One.

Allow Venus in Scorpio to act as your magnet, attracting what is spoken directly to you, and Neptune in Pisces to bring you into the frequency of it, the cosmic space where it already exists, where you can become it first energetically before building it tangibly.

It’s a time that invites reaching into the dreamscape, playing with the possibilities, frequencies, and imaginations that await us. There is a loving pull toward creation, manifestation, dream-building, and magnetism—a moment in time to reach into what you desire, write it out, speak it into the ethers, declare it within your heart.

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