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You can claim a percentage of expenses such as rent, mortgage interest, utilities, insurance, and repairs. You should also save proof of payment for any tax-related expenditures. This proof may be in the form of a credit card or bank statement, canceled check, or itemized receipt.

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If you performed remote work for a Missouri employer outside of Missouri during 2023, the portion of income earned while working outside Missouri is not taxable to Missouri. Amounts entered as remote work income will be subtracted from Missouri sourced wages transferred from your federal return. That way, when you support TurboTax users turbo tax remote work afterwards, you’re able provide Intuit customer service work from home without worrying whether or not you’re using the software—or the other systems—properly. If you’re a highly motivated individual with a business background and excellent communication skills, we need you to help our customers complete their taxes using TurboTax.

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Reimbursements are typically tax-free as long as your employer has an accountable plan. This means they require you to submit an expense report or some other means of accounting for your expenses. Being reimbursed for an expense is almost always better than taking a deduction for the same expense on your taxes. Since the tax reform became law, generally only self-employed people can claim tax deductions when working from home. Working as an employee and for yourself doesn’t necessarily disqualify you from taking these tax deductions.

  1. One option for employees who must pay for business expenses related to working at home, is to seek reimbursement from your employer.
  2. For tax year 2018 and on, unreimbursed expenses and home office tax deductions are typically no longer available to employees.
  3. This means they require you to submit an expense report or some other means of accounting for your expenses.
  4. If your home office is a separate structure then it does no have to be your principal place of business.

Tax Tip 4: Consider taking the direct method if it provides a bigger deduction.

For deducting home office space on your tax return, the IRS requires these expenses to be used exclusively for your self-employed business. With TurboTax Live Full Service, a local expert matched to your unique situation will do your taxes for you start to finish. Or, get unlimited help and advice from tax experts while you do your taxes with TurboTax Live Assisted. And if you want to file your own taxes, you can still feel confident you’ll do them right with TurboTax as we guide you step by step. No matter which way you file, we guarantee 100% accuracy and your maximum refund. You can work remotely, earn extra income, and choose from work schedules that work best for you.

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