Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Perimenopause Lean Muscle (Yet)

Over 35 and struggling to see improvements with your body composition? Keep reading for reasons why you’re not seeing perimenopause lean muscle (yet)! 

Girl, you are not alone, and it’s not uncommon for women to deal with impatience, self-doubt, and frustration when they don’t see immediate results, despite putting in the effort.

As our hormones begin to shift, it gets harder and harder to build lean muscle, but it’s not impossible!

You just need a different approach!

Here are 6 reasons why you’re not seeing muscle (yet)…

1. Using light weights 

If you’re afraid you’ll get too bulky by lifting heavy weights, please know it’s VERY unlikely you will wake up one day with more muscle than you know what to do it, especially if you’re a woman over 35 when you really need to try to build muscle.

2. Doing random workouts 

DIY-ing a fitness plan using random workouts from IG, Pinterest, and YouTube means you’re likely getting random results and not building muscle.

3. Not consuming enough calories 

Muscle doesn’t come out of nowhere! You need energy (calories) in order to build muscle. Fueling your body properly is oftentimes the key to improved body composition.

4. Lack of consistency 

Ideally, you’re strength training at least 3 times per week to see muscle gains. If you fall off frequently with your workouts, keep reading for a summer solution! 😉

5. You haven’t periodized (planned) your workouts and nutrition 

If you want to see your muscles really pop, you likely need to complete a fat loss phase. But, remember, a fat loss phases comes AFTER you’ve spent time building muscle.

6. Too much cardio

Cardio doesn’t build muscle. It actually breaks it down since it’s catabolic. Tons of cardio = less muscle.

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How to build perimenopause lean muscle

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