Choose to Protect Yourself: Get Vaccinated Against Covid

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Choose to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones: Get Vaccinated Against Covid

When it comes to vaccines, you have options

Slide 2: Get Protected

Covid vaccines can protect you from serious illness, being hospitalized and even dying from Covid.

That means getting vaccinated can help you — and the people you care about.

Slide 3: Get Peace of Mind*

8 out of 10 adults say being vaccinated against Covid gives them peace of mind when spending time with family, especially around the holidays.

Also, feel safe when you:

Go to the doctor

Go to the movies

Eat at a restaurant




Have coffee with friends

Volunteer at a nursing home

*Based on research conducted online in the U.S. among 1,005 U.S. adults aged 45+ from September 7-14, 2023.

Slide 4: Stay Up to Date

Getting an updated Covid shot helps keeps you protected, even as Covid virus variants continue to pose a risk.

Slide 5: You Can Get Covid More Than Once

Even if you’ve had a Covid vaccine before, it may be a good idea to get an updated vaccine to help protect yourself and your loved ones. Talk to your healthcare provider about what’s best for you.

Slide 6: You Have Options

When it comes to getting your Covid vaccine, there are different types of vaccines to choose from.

Slide 7: Protein-based vaccines — use a small piece of the virus to help your immune system recognize it — and fight it

mRNA vaccines — use lab-created mRNA to teach your cells how to make a protein like the one on the virus so it can recognize it — and fight it

Slide 8: Your Next Covid Vaccine Doesn’t Have to Be the Same Type As Your Last One

You can get an updated protein-based vaccine if you’ve previously received an mRNA vaccine.

Slide 9: Learn About Your Options

When it comes to helping to protect yourself against Covid, you have options. Talk to your healthcare provider about what’s best for you.


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